Publisert 3. nov. 2021 16:01

Please observe that you must have an approved report before being allowed to present your results.
The present and final plan for presenting is:

Presentations Wednesday November 10. from 11.00 AM:
Ryjoan (11.00), Sahra (11.30), Aslak (12.00), Ingeborg (12.30), Agnieszka (13.00)
All November 10th presentations are approved (passed). 
Presentations Wednesday November 17. from 11.00 AM:
Sander (11.00), Karl Stefan (11.30), Mats (12.00), Melchizedek (13.30)
All November 17th presentations are approved.

Presentations Wednesday November 24. from 09.30 AM in room Ø 316:
Emilie (09.30), Kim (10.00), Cristina A (10.30), Atiqa (11.00), Rafael (12.30), Hannah (13.00), Jayn (13.30). 
You must have an ap...

Publisert 8. aug. 2021 17:08

Please contact the administration on the UE-floor in the west wing of the Chemistry building to activate your access to the 3rd floor in the east wing of the Chemistry building. You might not be able to use the elevators to the third floor and you might not be able to enter the third floor from the stairs if you do not activate your key card/UiO identity card. 

Publisert 8. aug. 2021 16:52

The content in KJM 5280 contain the bare minimum of what you need to learn and deeply understand of NMR in order to be a successful Master student in organic chemistry and related topics. The main goal is to learn, understand and hopefully remember all of it as long as you are a master student. You ought to be able to use the knowledge, not only during the one hour mid term exam but also later in your life. You shall know how to successfully and safely operate nmr-spectrometers for real experiments.This is not a course where you superficially hear about a topic and then reproduce part of the content orally or in written form on an exam. You ought to MASTER the content of the course and to be able to use what you learn. The size of the course is 5 study point and this corresponds to approximately 100 working hours. 

Publisert 8. aug. 2021 16:51

You are exposed to high magnetic fields and other hazards in KJM 5280 and KJM 9280. You have to be aware of some health concerns in KJM 5280 and KJM 9280. 1. If you use a pacemaker to regulate the frequency of your heart or have a stent in your body you can regretfully not participate. If you earlier in life have been in a war zone and was exposed to exploding devices and still have iron shrapnel pieces in your body you can not participate. 2. The NMR-magnets can suddenly/violently stop being super conducting. Then the room is filled with nitrogen- and helium gas at high speed. Leave the room as fast as you can if this happens. 3. If a magnet slowly releases its nitrogen and/or helium content the oxygen content will fall below life sustaining levels and you might not observe this, except that you will fall asleep/faint and then die. Oxygen sensors will activat...

Publisert 8. aug. 2021 16:31

Most years students have been working in pairs in the nmr laboratory.  This year some will work alone on a spectrometer and some in pairs, depending on what the students prefer to do in the current Corona situation.  Everyone will take a quick Coronatest (hurtigtest) before entering the lecture rooms (Ø 316 A and 316 B) and also before entering the nmr labs on all of the lab days/colloquia days.  

List of days for organized teaching in the nmr labs.
August 30., 31. and September 1.  Cristina A, Mathanarupy, Sahra and Jayn C. 4 nmr instruments in use 
September 3., 6. and 7.  Karl Stefan, Hannah (6th and 7th) and Mats.
September 8., 9. and 16.  Ryjoan, Sander and Aslak
September 20., 21. and 22.  Ingeborg, Kim and Atiqa. 
September 23., 24. and 27. Melchizedek, Emilie.

Publisert 25. mai 2021 09:08

During the compulsory lectures August 23rd, 25th and 27th you will be assigned spectrometer times and days for the initial practical training on the spectrometers.  This might also be done earlier if you inform the teachers of your preferences. First come first served.   Send an e-mail to frode.rise at

Publisert 25. mai 2021 09:05

Most of the teaching will take place in the nmr laboratories. You will be given an nmr sample in a nmr-tube and your job is to figure out the chemical identity of your molecule. You will find the chemical shifts of all 1H and 13C atoms and also connections to 15N atoms by doing lots and lots of NMR experiments. The first days teachers will be present helping you learn to use the spectrometers.  Before entering the nmr laboratories you will every day take a corona test (hurtig-test) immediately before entering.

Publisert 13. mai 2021 17:25

Dear all. A series of almost identical lectures will be given on Monday August 23rd, Wednesday August 25th and Friday August 27th in the rooms Ø 316A and Ø316B on the third floor in the east wing of the Chemistry building. It is compulsory to participate. If you do not show up you will not take the course at all. A maximum of six or seven students in addition to the lecturer participate on each of the days. You will take a corona test (hurtig-test) immediately before entering the room.  The lectures are held from 10.15 to 12.00 and from 13.00 to15.00. 

Who is participating on which day. 

August 23: Cristina, Hannah, Jayn Cristine, Karl Stefan, Mathanarupy, Sahra.

August 25: Mats, Sander, Abdinassir, Agneieszka, Marlene, Aslak, Ahmed. 

August 27: Ingeborg, Rafael, Atiqa, Kim, Melchizedek, Emilie.