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Teaching - time and place

Registration: Office VU12b at Department of Chemistry in the period 01.06.2007 -16.08.2007


The following modules will be given for the fall 2007. Read informations about modules at the modules page. The most modules start on thursday and finish in 2 weeks.

Poul Ægidius Norby

Module 1: NMR

Frode Rise, Dirk Petersen

Module 2: Electrical measurements

Truls Norby

Modul 3: Capasitans spectroscopy of defects in semi conductors

Andrej Kuznetsov

Module 4: Preparation and testing of micro-LC columns

Elsa Lundanes, Sandra Rinne Dahl

Module 7: Micro-LC-UV

Elsa Lundanes, Sandra Rinne Dahl

Module 8: Kvantekjemiske metoder

Ola Berg Lutnæs

Module 11: Mikro LC kollonne-svitsjing system

Elsa Lundanes, Steven Ray Haakon Wilson

Module 14: Contact angles and surface energy of solid substances

Finn Knut Hansen

Module 15: Mikro-LC-MS

Elsa Lundanes, Helle Malerød

Module 17: Surface tension measurements with pendant and sessible drop

Finn Knut Hansen

Module 19: Analysis/fractionation and speciation of water samples

Rolf Vogt, Hege Lynne

Module 20: Dekomponering i mikrobølgeovn

Grethe Wibetoe, Anne-Marie Skramstad

Module 22: Kiral separasjon LC/GC

Tore Hansen

Module 25: SEM

Det er ikke endelig avgjort at modulen skal gå høst 07.

Sissel Jørgensen

Module 9: XPS

Sissel Jørgensen

Module 28: Strålevern

Jon Petter Omtvedt

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