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Publisert 18. okt. 2016 16:39

Module 25-SEM is moved to January 2017, most likely week 4-5. Final schedule for the module will be announced in the end of November 2016. Students who have already been registered for the module in Fall 2016 do not need to register for the module again.

Publisert 22. aug. 2016 15:53

Monday August 29th

Please show up at 09.00 AM outside Ø 316. We will register who has actually met and then have a security briefing.  You will also have to sign two forms. You have to be there before the security briefing starts. If you arrive late you might have to take the course in January 2017 and postpone nmr use in your research half a year.

We are dividing the group in a morning sub group and an afternoon sub group.  The afternoon group leaves and come back at a time we decide then and there.  You will learn to acquire 1H and 13C 1D nmr spectra. 

Tuesday August 30th.

09.00-12.30 The morning group is learning 2D nmr processing

13.00-17.00 The afternoon group is learning 2D nmr processing

Friday September 2nd.

09.00-10.30 Everyone learns to use the automatic nmr program ICONNMR.

Publisert 22. aug. 2016 15:07

It is expected that 50 % of you work efforts these two weeks are NMR related (40 hours or more). Most of the time you read on your own or perform experiments with the NMR spectrometers. Recommended book: Timothy, D. W. Claridge: High-Resolution NMR Techniques in Organic Chemistry, 1999. Pergamon Press. ISBN: 0080427987. Pergamon Press. Chapter 1. It is assumed you know the content of pages 1-12 from earlier courses. (KJM3000) Chapter 2. Introducing high resolution NMR. It is assumed that you know the content of pages 13-43 from previous education (KJM3000). Chapter 3. You should read pages 45-110. Practical aspects of high-resolution NMR. Lab course and evaluation: The student shall master the c...