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Analysis/fractionation and speciation of water samples

Field measurements at Vansjø



Lectures – Fieldwork – Laboratory work – PC – Report writing




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See especially:




Speciation and fractionation Guidelines


Phosphate and total phosphourus analysis




Essay guide (in English)


Learning requirements:


The student is expected to:


  • Understand how the Health Safety and Environment (HSE) regime is practiced at the Group of Environmental Analysis
  • Acquire experience of water sampling from various compartments through the watershed
  • Understand the difference between total analysis, fractions and species
  • Understand the concept of multiple simultaneous equilibriums
  • Understand the basic principles of mobility and toxicity of chemical species
  • Learn how to conduct an Al-fractionation and have experience from the analysis of major anions and cations
  • Be able to run the MINEQL+ programme
  • Relate to environmental monitoring data and to write a report where data are evaluated and interpreted.


Lecture, Field & Laboratory schedule


Monday October 31st;


Lecture, Aud.3, hr. 08:15 – 09:00

Difference between total analysis, fractionation and species, The significance of species activities rather than total concentration in terms of mobility and toxicityChemical analytical speciation and fractionation (Al) methods Water sampling from different compartments of the environmentSampling strategies for environmental samples

Analysis plan, Important species in natural water samples, Concentrations and activities

This years lecture 1


Field work, Different water types in the Oslo region, hr. 10:00 ~ 17:00    Sampling of water samples


Friday, November 4th;


Lecture, Aud. 3, hr. 08:15 – 10:00

Analysis plan, Important species in natural water samples, Concentrations and activities

This years lecture 2


Labwork, V111 hr. 09:15 ~ 17:00  Analysis of: pH , Alkalinity , TOC , Major Anions and cations on IC , Al-fractions , Phosphorous-fractions


Thursday, November 17th;

Lecture, Avogadro, hr. 08:15 – 10:00

Challenges with simultaneous equilibrium, Speciation program (MINEQL)

This years lecture 3


This years data

2015 data

2014 data

2013 data


PC lab, V152 hr. 10:15 – 16:00

Practice in using MINEQL by solving 4 problems


Friday, November 18th;


Individual report writing

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