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You cannot attend this course if you have certain healt conditions. You cannot have a pacemaker. You cannot have implanted other Medical Devices in your body.  If you have been in a war zone either as a civilian or as a soldier and you have been in actual battle and got iron shrapnel from grenades or similar in you body and these parts are not completely removed you cannot attend. The iron pieces might start moving in the magnetic fields and harm you seriously or kill you.

If you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant during the course you should not get close to the  magnets,  but let another person add and remove samples for you.  There is no evidence of harming an unborn child by the magnetic fields - but it is better to be safe than sorry.

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Når lærerne får vite hvem som er påmeldt skjer kommunikasjonen via e-postbeskjeder. :-)

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It is expected that 50 % of you work efforts these two weeks are NMR related (40 hours or more). Most of the time you read on your own or perform experiments with the NMR spectrometers. Recommended book: Timothy, D. W. Claridge: High-Resolution NMR Techniques in Organic Chemistry, 1999. Pergamon Press. ISBN: 0080427987. Pergamon Press. Chapter 1. It is assumed you know the content of pages 1-12 from earlier courses. (KJM3000) Chapter 2. Introducing high resolution NMR. It is assumed that you know the content of pages 13-43 from previous education (KJM3000). Chapter 3. You should read pages 45-110. Practical aspects of hig...

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Monday August 28th.

Please show up at 09.00 AM outside room Ø 338. We will register who has actually met and then have a security briefing.  You will also have to sign two forms.  You have to be there before the security briefing starts. If you arrive late you might have to take the course in Spring 2018 and postpone nmr use in your research half a year.

We are dividing the group in a morning sub group and afternoon sub group.  The afternoon group will leave and come back at 1300.

On Monday you will learn to acquire 1H and 13C 1D nmr spectra.  You will also start the process to learn to handle the fairly non intuitive nmr-software TOPSPIN. 

Tuesday August 29th.  

09.00-12.00 The morning group is...

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It's recommended that you bring your own laptop to "Labelling of chemicals" on Tuesday 22.08.2017