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KJM-MENA4010 module one is cancelled …

KJM-MENA4010 module one is cancelled due to too few official participants - but read on a little :-). Those of you desperately needing to use the NMR instruments will get a short introduction anyway. Show up as announced in Ø 338. On Thursday January 24th you will learn 1D 1H and 13C experiments. On Friday January 25th you will learn automation NMR and thats it. You will have to learn yourself how to process 2D NMR datasets and if you prefer not to do so you cannot used 2D NMR experimenst in your master degree. The instruments will be open for general use from Friday afternoon and you will have to book your nmr time on the web pages in competition with other users. And it will only be possible to train on the DPX200 instrument, if you have secured yourself some time, since the automation program will run on the DPX300 instrument from Friday the 25th. There will be no exam. As usual if we figure out that you are too clumsy to use the instruments safely you will not be allowed to use them. But this is highly unlikely :-).

Publisert 14. jan. 2008 16:11 - Sist endret 15. jan. 2008 13:41