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Welcome to module 1 NMR

Welcome to KJM-MENA 4010 module 1 - nmr.  The course will mostly take place in the rooms Ø 338, 340 and 332/4. 

We start with Health and Safety instruction in the nmr labs at 09.00 AM precisely - NOT 0915!!  on Thursday January 28th. If there is a chance that the T-bane is delayed or similar please start your travel an hour or two earlier than planned.  Senior engineer Dirk Petersen will tell you about magnetic fields and hazards with our nmr magnets. He will show you a video or two as well. 

You will also have to activate passwords on a bunch (10-20) of computers at this time. Your passwords are not set so you log in with an empty password field and then you use ctrl alt del and choose Your password and log out again. You will be shown around in the labs as well. Dirk will show you how to prepare a decentnmr sample also.

When this is finished I will try to teach you some nmr and a lot of computing stuff related to how our nmr facility is set up and also a fair amount of how to use the nmr program topspin. We will then walk to another room.

On Thursday you have to be present all the time the teaching happens.  Depending upon the number of students - more can be added before the 28. of January - you will be devided in morning and afternoon groups for Friday and Monday that follows.  One more day a- the following Thursday all show up at 0900 to learn the automation nmr program ICONNMR.

You cannot attend the course if certain healt condistions exist. You cannot have a pacemaker. You cannot have implanted other Medical Devices in Your body.  If you have been in a war zone either as a civilian or as a soldier and has been in actual battle and got iron shrapnel from grenades or similar in you body you cannot attend. The iron might strat moving in the magnetic Fields and harm you seriously. 

If you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant during the course you should not get close to a  magnet but let another person add and remove samples for you.  There is no evidence of harming an unborn child by the magnetic fields - but it is better to be safe than sorry. 

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