Dette emnet er erstattet av KJM1002 – Innføring i kjemi.

Semesterside for KJM1001 - Høst 2016


Dette emnet bruker læringsplattformen Fronter.

Logg på Fronter

OBS! Please note a change in the ISBN number of the course book in the pensum list. Originally, the US edition was listed. This has now been corrected to the Int'l edition. All versions of the textbook (8'th or 9'th edition) can be used.

11. aug. 2016 14:26

The KJM1001 Fronter room is now up and running. It contains an exercise for day 1. From now on, all information will be posted on Fronter.

12. juli 2016 17:46

The first lecture is in Auditorium 1 on 24/8 12:15, directly followed by an exercise at 14:15. Both are compulsory.

In order to prepare for the final exam on 7/12, we plan a trial exam on 2/12 10:15-14:00 (also in Auditorium 1), which is not listed in the official course schedule.

During the course, all announcements will be given on Fronter.

15. juni 2016 18:08