Dette emnet er erstattet av KJM3810 – Katalyse og industriell kjemi.

Semesterside for KJM3800 - Høst 2011

The lecture notes for homogeneous catalysis have now been posted in the Classfronter room.

Best regards, Mats

9. nov. 2011 21:48

Dear students

Due to the National Chemistry Meeting (, there will be no lecture on Thursday September 29th. Otherwise we continue as normal.

Best regards, Stian

26. sep. 2011 15:10

Dear students!

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the first lecture in KJM3800 Petrochemistry this fall.

We start Thursday August 25th at 10.15 in room V114.

Best regards, Stian Svelle

24. aug. 2011 15:12