Dette emnet er nedlagt

Semesterside for KJM4030 - Høst 2008

It is planned to arrange an exam on Monday December 15th for those of you that fail in the last lecture or deliver an insufficient report form your teaching experience. (It is of course hoped that everyone will pass :-)). A person has to be found to sit in at the exam and tell if the level of knowledge is "pass" or "fail". If this happens to you - you will be examined in the "book". Please inform the teacher today if this date collides with other exams. If you are sure that your report and lecture will be OK - please dont worry!

29. okt. 2008 09:59

The date and location for the last seminar is changed to December 5th - Ø 316b. (Third floor - elevator to the top close to the cantina). Start is at 1015 and not 0915 since there is no projector in that room and it has to be brought to the room.

29. okt. 2008 09:41

Deadline. :-) Deliver you report from your teaching experience no later than Monday December 8. at 09.00 AM in the morning. The report is to be sent electronically as an attachment by e-mail to the teacher. The report should be either in microsoft word format or delivered as a .pdf file. If delivering the document as a MS word document please use the format .doc and not .docx.

28. okt. 2008 15:26