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Semesterside for KJM4030 - Høst 2011

KJM4030 is running for the last time autumn 2011. The course is acording to rumors supposed to be replaced by a 4 study point module in KJM-MENA4010. This new module will mostly contain methods for presenting scientifc lectures as well as techniques for holding an effective ordinary teaching lesson. The teacher of KJM 4030 has no futher knowledge about the content of the new module, neither about what preparations might have been done for the new module. The teacher currently running KJM 4030 will not be involved in the running of the new course.

7. okt. 2011 12:25

The reserve exam planned for December 7th is now moved to December 19th . The sensor Helge Strømsø is away in USA on December 7th and the first possibility to hold the exam is on December 19th. So do not plan to travel away from Oslo and do not book airline tickets for any day in December before December 20th before you have been told after lecture three and I have read the report about the lab experiences and told you that you have fulfilled the requirements for the course. (In this case you do not need to take the exam)

6. sep. 2011 12:02

Dear all

We have to move to Ø 316 on Wednesday this week.

The technical boss of the Department has just kindly informed us that someone has broken a technical installation in room V 172.

If you know one or more of the other participants in the course please tell them about this move. New students dont always read e-mails. Please also respond that you have read this e-mail. It is important that everyone shows up at Ø 316 since you MUST meet on Wednesday. People who dont show up are regretfully out of the course before it has started. I am also not putting up a note on the door of V 172.

See you on Wednesday :-)



29. aug. 2011 17:40