Semesterside for MAT-INF3100 - Vår 2016

Answers to exam spring 2015 can be found [here].

23. mai 2016 20:35

Everyone should now have received feedback also on their second attempt on the mandatory assignment. If you have not, please contact me.


6. mai 2016 14:18

The final lecture of the semester will be given by Solveig Bruvoll, Wednesday May 11 (10:15-11:00).

Path planning for autonomous vehicles

Solveig Bruvoll is a researcher at  the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI) and has a PhD in informatics from UiO. Solveig will present their research regarding path planning methods for autonomous vehicles on land, in the air, and at sea. The path planning method is based on optimization methods for calculating the shortest path through a graph, and the aim is to develop a path planning method that produces situation dependent paths. She will explain the optimization method that is used and how the method is applied to their applications.

28. apr. 2016 16:16