Publisert 23. juni 2017 10:15
Publisert 5. mai 2017 11:20

Go to the end of the list of Previous exams to find the exam papers for 2015 and 2016, in addition to the earlier ones.

Publisert 26. apr. 2017 09:04

I have started adding feedback on assignment 2 to Devilry. Those of you who handed in by e-mail will have the assignment show up as being handed in after the deadline. This is just how Devilry works, and nothing to worry about.

If you haven't received any feedback in Devilry by the end of the day, please contact me.


Publisert 7. mars 2017 15:03

It is available from the "timeplan" after the "man 6. mar" lecture.

The deadline is Thursday 20 April.

Publisert 27. feb. 2017 12:49

I made a mistake putting the corrections into Devilry at first, but this is now fixed. Everybody should have received their feedback in the system (and associated to assignment 1 like it should be). Feel free to e-mail me or come by if you have any questions.


Publisert 1. feb. 2017 15:13

It is available from the "timeplan" after the "man 30. jan" lecture.

The deadline is Wed 22 Feb.

Publisert 1. feb. 2017 14:11

The OPL IDE on the university machines is started by the following command in the terminal:

oplide &