Semesterside for MAT-INF3360 - Vår 2015

Here is a solution to yesterdays exam. Have a nice summer!

9. juni 2015 10:43

In the lectures we have basically covered all the chapter of the book except Chapter 12. You are not expected to have detailed knowledge of Chapter 10 and Sections 2.2.3, 2.2.4, and 7.6.

21. mai 2015 10:26

I have got some comments from some of you that you find it difficult to show the proper counter example asked for in Problem 8, i.e., to show that the maximum principle does not hold. As a hint: Just consider the case when n=1, i.e., there is only one interior point. Then you can do the calculation of v_1^1 by hand.

14. apr. 2015 09:04