Semesterside for MAT-INF4130 - Høst 2013

A solution to the exam is now available online.

4. des. 2013 14:50

To help you prepare for the exam, I have compiled a solution manual to most of the exercises in the book. With the exception of Chapter 0, these have all been either mandatory exercises or have appeared on the exercise session during the past nine years. They are therefore all good preparation for the exam. If you encounter any mistakes, please be so kind as to report them back to me at .

22. nov. 2013 17:51

The fourth mandatory exercise set, Oblig 4, has been corrected, and everyone who has delivered a solution has passed. Please come and get your solution at the exercise session! An example solution is available online.

Those who have passed all four exercise sets, are now able to register for the exam.

21. nov. 2013 20:12