Dette emnet er erstattet av MAT4170 – Splinemetoder.

Semesterside for MAT-INF4170 - Vår 2017

Good luck with the exam, everyone! See you tomorrow 


30. mai 2017 21:27

There will be a tutorial on Tuesday 1215-1400 in room 108 (first floor), with a focus on oblig 4 and exam preparation. In the first part I will go through oblig 4 (unless one of you would like to present your solution - send me an email in that case)

In the second part I will give those of you who wish the opportunity to practice for the oral exam by presenting spline-material orally on the blackboard. You can choose any topic you like from the curriculum, for instance

  • A solution to one of the problems you have done in an oblig/weekly problem

  • The recursion formula and matrix notation for B-splines

  • Evaluation of B-splines

  • Derivatives of B-splines

  • Continuity of B-splines

  • Linear independence of B-splines...

21. mai 2017 01:42

Since this wednesday is a holiday, this weeks lecture will be given tuesday 1215-14 in undervisningsrom 108, see the lecture plan


15. mai 2017 11:30