Et løsningsforslag til eksamensoppgavene er lagt ut her.

God sommer!

June 10, 2009 5:12 PM

Some last remarks before the exam: Note that since the course has been given mainly in English, the exam problem set will be given in English only. However, this does not mean that you have to answer in English. Just write in Norwegian and feel free to use English terms were you do not know the Norwegian ones.

I will, unfortunately, be absent all week, so I will not be able to answer any questions you might have, except possibly by email. But Sigurd Segtnan will be here, and he is of course willing to help you. On the actual exam, Paul Arne Østvær will come and answer questions.

Best of luck!

May 29, 2009 3:54 PM

The last scheduled class is Monday May 25, when I will go through some more earlier exam problems. The last exercise session will be held Wednesday May 27, provided there will be no strike.

May 20, 2009 7:02 PM