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There will be an informal group study session in preparation for the final exam on Wednesday June 12th at 14:00 in 1120 NHA.

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The final list of sections covered from the textbook are:


Here is a list of all suggested exercises from the semester:

The exercises that are highly recommended for preparing for the final exam are marked with a *. 

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In the lecture on Thursday March 29th I gave a glimpse of how one can recover field operations and axioms from projective geometry. For more details see Chapter 6 of Stillwell's "The four pillars of geometry":

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Here are the exercises for the mandatory assignment due before March 21st at 14:30.

Please note the correction to Problem 2

\Phi_g(x) := gxg^{-1} instead of g^{-1}xg

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The exercise sessions will be led by Tuyen Trung Truong and held in NHA 1120. 

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Check out this motivational article about groups and symmetries of the square by Geir Ellingsrud in English and Norwegian


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The student representatives for the course are 

Are Aamot and Sverre Hartveit

Thanks to Are and Sverre for volunteering.