Dette emnet er erstattet av STK-MAT3700.

Semesterside for MAT2700 - Høst 2013

For some solutions to old exams and assignments, see [link].

8. nov. 2013 17:54

The mandatory assignment can be downloaded [More]. 

The assignment must be handed in before 15:00 on Thursday 31.10, 2013, at the reception of the Department of Mathematics, in the 7th floor of Niels Henrik Abel’s hus, Blindern. Be careful to give reasons for your answers. To have a passing grade you must have correct answers to at least 50% of the questions.

17. okt. 2013 09:46

The student representative is Erik O'Donnell (erikodonnell[at] Any comments or suggestions regarding the course (e.g., lectures, exercises,  book, etc.) can be communicated to him.

10. okt. 2013 20:25