Publisert 19. juni 2020 11:46

Takk til alle studentene i dette kurset som kom gjennom den vanskelige situasjonen i vår, og gjorde en veldig bra prestasjon i eksamen. Her er noen løsningsforslag. God sommer til alle sammen!


Thanks to all the students in this course who came through the difficult situation this spring, and did a great job in the exam. Here are suggested solutions. Have a great summer!



Publisert 14. apr. 2020 09:35

Welcome to the zoom lecture today.

The Zoom ID is the same as before, and will continue to be the same for the rest of the course. See the announcement in canvas.

Publisert 30. mars 2020 15:44

Eksamen avvikles som en 7-dagers individuell hjemmeeksamen med alle hjelpemidler tillatt. Oppgavene vil likne på en obligatorisk oppgave. Samarbeid vil ikke ansees som fusk, men du må selv ha formulert og skrevet besvarelsen som leveres inn, og den skal gjenspeile din forståelse av pensum. Karakteren vil være bestått/ikke bestått, og grensen for å bestå vil være 40 % (som E ved ordinær eksamen). Eksamen publiseres i Inspera ved opprinnelig eksamenstidspunkt og skal leveres inn som én PDF-fil i Inspera innen samme tidspunkt 7 dager senere. Fakultetet jobber med løsninger for studenter som evt. ikke har tilgang til datamaskin/nett.


The exam will be organized as a 7-day individual home exam and any help you can get is allowed. The exam will be similar to a compulsory assignment. Collaboration will not be considered cheating, but you must have formulated and written the answer that is submi...

Publisert 26. mars 2020 13:50

It's now available from the schedule. Deadline 23 April (one week later than orginally planned). Good luck!

Publisert 23. mars 2020 14:49

See announcement in canvas.

Publisert 19. mars 2020 10:58

Dear students,

I've now understood that there will be no lectures or tutorials this week in any form (digital included).

But I'll try next week to use zoom for the lecture on Tuesday, 1015-1200.

Best wishes,


Publisert 16. mars 2020 22:47

I've corrected all the first assignment deliveries. Many of them were very well answered. Only a handful were too weak, mainly on the L1 regression, and are "incomplete". The new deadline is Thurs 26. Please try to complete the L1 part. If it is now difficult to get access to matlab or python, you should at least be able to write down A, b, c for the LP problem.

If you have any questions or difficulties, please just email me.

Best wishes,

Michael Floater

Publisert 16. mars 2020 22:42

Dear students, please just try to study on your own this week, following this week's schedule. Study Sections 6-8 of the "Mini-introduction to convexity". The main things are Theorem 5, Cor 6, Proposition 7 (but not the proofs), and Sections 7 and 8 (Fourier-Motzkin). Then have a go at Exercises 1-9. I'll post answers later this week.

I might be able to give a digital lecture next week, but I need to get the necessary equipment first.



Publisert 13. mars 2020 11:49

Kjære studenter, jeg håper alle ha det bra med "hjemmekontor"! Jeg har nå lagt ut løsningsforslag til ukens oppgaver (matrisespill), se timplanen.

Dear students, I hope all is well with the "homeoffice"! I have now posted suggested answers to this week's exercises (matrix games), see the weekly schedule.

Beste hilsener til alle!

Best wishes to all!


Publisert 12. mars 2020 13:55

Kjære studenter,

Som kjent blir det ingen gruppetime idag men jeg skal legge ut løsningsforslag til ukens oppgaver (11.3, 11.2, 11.5, 11.6) i løpet av idag eller imorgen.

Hilsen, Mike

Publisert 11. mars 2020 16:25

Fra i morgen, torsdag 12. mars, gis det ikke klasseromsundervisning i emnet. Dette gjelder både forelesninger og gruppeundervisning.  

Det blir lagt til rette for et utvidet digitalt undervisningstilbud i emnet. Mer informasjon om dette vil bli lagt ut på semestersiden senest 23. mars.

Informasjon om eksamensavvikling kommer senere.
Publisert 11. mars 2020 14:58

Here is test_simplex.m, which gives some examples of how to use simplex.m.

Publisert 11. mars 2020 13:07

The use of a tolerance for the two sign tests makes a big difference in robustness for larger LP problems. The new version of simplex.m seems to work correctly in all test examples I've run, including linear L1 regression with up to 1000 points.

Publisert 6. mars 2020 12:05

Here's a new version of pivot.m.

It's now essentially only four lines of matlab code, and it seems to make simplex.m about twice as fast.

Publisert 4. mars 2020 10:36

Dear students, Please find a new version of simplex.m. You can use it for the first compulsory assignment.

Please note that the new simplex.m calls pivot.m, so you need both routines. Note also that the new simplex.m returns the optimal dictionary which might sometimes be useful.

Publisert 26. feb. 2020 14:35

Drop 6.3. Just try 6.1, 6.6, and 7.1.

Publisert 24. feb. 2020 14:45

The first compulsory assignment is now available (go to "timeplan"). The deadline is Thursday 12 March.

Publisert 4. feb. 2020 15:39

These are now available, by going to the schedule "timeplan".

Publisert 3. feb. 2020 15:15

You can now find answers to the exercises in week 1 in the weeky schedule "timeplan". There is also matlab code there for making a single pivot, with examples, in case you want to check your calculations.

Publisert 16. jan. 2020 11:50

1. Ex 2.2 is easier than Ex 2.1, so start with 2.2.

2. I've made a link to a matlab routine you can download and use to test your answers.

See the schedule, "timeplan".


Publisert 13. jan. 2020 13:34

første forelesning, tirsdag 14. jan, 1015-1200, VB Aud 2.