Important information about digital home exam spring 2021

In general, the following guidelines apply in courses at the Department of Mathematics: 
- The examination lasts 4 hours. In addition, you will have an extra 30 minutes to scan and upload your PDF. 
- All examination aids are allowed (e.g. books, online resources, scientific programming tools, etc.). 
- It is not allowed to collaborate or communicate with others during the exam about the assignments. 

- You can be picked out for a meeting to check that you understand the content of your examination attempt. The meeting will not affect your grade, but it can result in a formal investigation into possible cheating. Read more about what is considered cheating on the UiO web pages: 
- The general guidelines for exams at the MN-Faculty spring 2021 still apply: 
During the exam: 
-Familiarize yourself with Inspera well in advance of the exam, and make sure you have access. Read more here: 
- Your exam paper must be uploaded as one PDF-file in Inspera 

- If you do not have access to a scanner at home, you must use other options such as taking a photo/scanning sheets using a mobile camera and compiling them into one PDF. Read more about alternatives here: 
Whichever tool you choose to generate your PDF, you must familiarize yourself with how this is done prior to the exam. 

Before closing the submission folder, make sure that you have uploaded the correct file, that the file is clearly legible, and that it can be opened when downloading. 

- If you experience technical difficulties during the exam, you must immediately, and within the exam time, contact the Faculty’s exam support:

- The exam time is absolute and it will not be possible to submit after the submission folder is closed. 

Remember to check the semester web pages regularly for information regarding the exam in your courses. This is also where information about how to ask questions to the lecturer during the exam ("trøsterunde") will be announced.

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