Make your own exam questions

As a way for you to prepare for the exam, I propose that you try to make your own exam questions. This would work as follows:

  • You read through some of the exams from previous years to get an idea of what exam questions look like.
  • You review what we have learned in the course this year.
  • You try to formulate exam questions that test the most important aspects of the course.

If you hand in your questions to me, either in person before Friday the 18th or by email before Sunday the 20th, I will look through them and tell you if I think they are of an appropriate level. If you permit it, I will post your questions online for the benefit of your fellow students. I might also go through some of your questions at one of the lectures.

Doing this is entirely voluntary. However, I think it will help you do better at the exam. It will make you review and reflect upon what we have learned in the course. Trying to think of problems that test if one understands inner products, for instance, will deepen your understanding of inner products and the types of things you can prove. Also, you will provide each other with more practice problems before the exam.

It will probably be wise to work in pairs or small groups when trying to design problems.

Published Nov. 12, 2016 12:22 PM