Syllabus/achievement requirements

The curriculum will consist of some parts of the following book:

G. K. Pedersen, Analysis Now, 1989. Springer. ISBN: 978-0-387-96788-2. Corrected 2nd printing.  Link to Springer's homepage for this book

In addition, some lecture notes will be made available in the teaching schedule, as well as solutions to the exercise sets given during the semester. 

Notes on the Gelfand transform for commutative unital Banach algebras

Notes on C*-algebras and the Gelfand transform for commutative unital C*-algebras

Notes on the continuous functional calculus for normal elements in a until C*-algebra

Notes on normal bounded operators on Hilbert spaces and the Borel functional calculus

Notes on applications of the Borel functional calculus and projection-valued measures

Notes on partial isometries and the polar decomposition of bounded operators

Notes on Fredholm operators

Notes on the trace and trace class operators

The final curriculum is available here

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