Mandatory assignments - MAT4510 - fall 2012

practical, useful and important about mandatory assignments

Regelverk for obligatoriske oppgaver /Rules regarding mandatory assignments

Informasjonsside om obligatoriske oppgaver/ Informations about mandatory assignments(norwegian)


It is one mandatory assignments in this course, and you have to get this approved to be able to take the final exam.

The deadline for the assignment is Thursday November 1. 2.30 pm

Deadline in the case that your first attempt does not receive a passing grade

Your mandatory assignment will be corrected within a week after the original deadline. The corrected assignment will be returned to the students in class or may be collected in "ekspedisjonen" 7th floor, NHAbels building (where you handed them in).

You may check if your assigment has been approved - use the link at the bottom of this page.

If a mandatory assignment does not receive a passing grade and the student has shown a real effort to complete the assignment, the student may be allowed to do the assignment one more time within a given time limit. This time limit is 14 days after the original deadline for the same assignment.

The assignment

You will find the problem set here.

Use this preface (Norwegian) Cover page for Mandatory Assignments may be found here (English)

List of approved assignments

Log in with your regular username and password to see if your assignment is approved this system will start to work in the middle of september

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