Semester page for MAT9800 - Autumn 2019

Joint teaching

This course has jointly taught classes with MAT4800 – Complex Analysis. See this course's semester page for schedule and messages.

The mandatory assignment is to be performed in the class meeting on 31 October. You choose one theorem to present to the class + main idea for the proof + application to 1 specific example. The time for each presentation is 10 minutes. After the presentation, you will answer a couple of questions from the audience. 

If you have time conflict, then please let me know before 1 October, so we can arrange another time for the presentation. 

Note that if you do not do this presentation, you are not eligible to take the final exam.





Sep. 12, 2019 3:29 PM

Hi everyone, 

As agreed, from next week (26 August 2019), the meetings on Wednesdays are changed to: 

Mondays, 08:15 - 10:00, NAH 723.

As announced, the textbook for the class is Otter Forster, Lectures on Riemann surfaces. The goal is to cover Riemann-Roch theorem. 

Best regards, 






Aug. 21, 2019 4:01 PM