Mandatory assignments

There are two mandatory assignments in this course: One written assignment and one oral presentation.

Mandatory assignment 1

The written assignment can be found here.

Note that the written assignment must be typeset in LaTeX and submitted as a single PDF file in Canvas before the deadline 14:30 February 20th. The submission must contain your name, course code and name of supervisor.

Mandatory assignment 2

In the oral presentation you are expected to choose a part of Mandatory assignment 1 and present it to an audience. You have 5 to 8 minutes at your disposal, and it is mandatory to use the blackboard.

The oral presentations will take place during Lecture/Group sessions in February and March, in groups of 5 to 8 students. You will get feedback on your oral presentation and are expected to give feedback to your peers. The exact date of your presentation will be announced on the course web page and via e-mail before February 10th.

Application for postponed delivery

If you need to apply for a postponement of the submission deadline or presentation date due to illness or other reasons, you have to contact the Student Administration at the Department of Mathematics (e-mail: before the deadline or presentation date.

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