Eksperimenter for Oblig 2

The experimental part of Oblig. 2 will consist in performing measurements on the geometries that were built in CAD during Oblig. 1. When you come to the lab you will receive the 3D printed objects and some help setting up the experiment. The problem statements are available at the following links:

- millifluidics (T-junction)
- porous medium
- flying seed

Before coming to the lab, you must read through the problem statement and started working on the questions about theory and scaling. We will meet at the entrance of the Hydrodynamics lab (Niels Henrik Abels Hus, kjeller (one floor below the entrance and to the left) on the days when the experiments are planned. You should meet at the entrance of the lab:

- Tuesday 04 April, 14.15 - 16.00:

Group 1: meeting at the lab 14.15

Group 2: meeting at the lab 14.45

Group 4: meeting at the lab 15.15


- Thursday 06 April, 12.15 - 14.00:

Group 3: meeting at the lab 12.15

Group 5: meeting at the lab 12.45


- Thursday 20 April, 12.15 - 14.00:

Groups that want to perform additional measurements should take contact with Jean to book lab time slots (jean.rblt@gmail.com).

You will perform the experiments in groups, and you are encouraged to work in groups when post-processing the experimental data, and the lab reports should be delivered as a group.

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