Published Dec. 18, 2019 3:19 PM

Here is a suggested solution to the 2019 exam in STK3100 and STK4100.

Grading of the exam will likely not be completed before January 8th, 2020.

God jul og godt nyttår! 


Published Dec. 3, 2019 10:17 AM

You should bring your calculator to the exam. A list of permitted calculators are given here (in Norwegian only).

The list of formulas for STK3100/STK4100 will be provided as an appendix to the exam paper.

Unlike previous years you are not allowed to bring the collection of formulas for STK1100/STK1110 or STK2120. Neither are these made available at the exam, this in accordance with the new rules for examination support material.

Published Nov. 21, 2019 12:24 PM

In the lecture time Monday 1415-1600 we will discuss solutions to exam problems on Mondays 25/11 and 2/12. As usual we will be in Auditorium 2, Vilhelm Bjerknes hus.

Published Oct. 2, 2019 9:27 AM

The plenary exercise session today (October 2) is canceled.

Published Sep. 19, 2019 9:05 AM

see the following link.

Published Sep. 18, 2019 6:38 PM

Emily Qing Zang Moen ( has voluntered to be the student representative for STK3100. Thank you very much Emily!

We still need a student representative for STK4100.

If you have comments on the teaching of the course you can contact the student representative who will forward your comments.

Published Sep. 16, 2019 1:52 PM

We should now select student representative for the course, see the following link. The ideal would be to have one representative for STK3100 and one for STK4100. I find this evaluation arrangement very useful for improving on the teaching, so please sign up.

Published Aug. 19, 2019 9:26 AM

The first lecture will be today, Monday August 19th, 1415-1600 in Auditorium 2 Vilhelm Bjerkenes hus (VB). There will also be a lecture on Wednesday August 21st, 1415-1600 in the same auditorium.

In the following weeks we will as the general rule have lectures on Mondays, 1415-1700 and exercise discussions on Wednesdays 1415 all in Auditorium 2 VB although for a very few weeks we may switch lecturing and exercise days.

Published Aug. 6, 2019 4:34 PM

Both STK3100/4100 and STK4011 has according to the schedule teaching Thursdays 9:15-10. There are likely students who plan to follow both course, so we will make a change to the schedule in one of these courses.

Due to this overlap we will, however, cancel the teaching in STK3100/4100 on Thursday 22nd of August.

Published June 25, 2019 2:23 PM

We will use Alan Agresti: Foundations of Linear and Generalized Linear Models. Wiley, 2015. ISBN: 978-1-118-73003-4 as textbook for the course.