Solved exercises

Here are the solved exercises.

Here are solutions to some of the exercises.

Week 35: Solutions to all exercises except those involving R.

Week 36: Solutions to the exercises can be found in here and here.

Week 37: Solutions to the exercises can be found in here.

Week 38: Solutions to almost all exercises. Additional exercise 5 is an R-exercise. I have made an .Rmd file covering it. This is a file format handy for presenting R code together with plots and mathematics. You can find it here. For information about how to read these files, see e.g. this site. A solution in pdf is here. Edit: There's an error in exercise 11. Here $s = \alpha(\phi)t$ is correct, not the other way around.

Week 39: Solutions for every exercise. R solution in .Rmd, pdf.

Week 40: Solutions.

Week 41: Solutions and solutions 

Week 42: Solutions.

Week 43: Solutions.

Week 44: Solutions.

Week 45: Solutions.

Week 46: Solutions, solutions.

Week 47: Solutions.


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