Semesterside for STK3405 - Høst 2016

Here is the exam text in Norwegian and English. Here is the suggested solution. The grading is almost completed, and the results should be available within a couple of days in Studentweb. 

Best of luck with your upcoming semester!

2. jan. 2017 11:37

Matematisk fagutvalg (the mathematics student association at UiO) are conducting a course evaluation of STK3405/4405. Please go to this page to evaluate the course.

13. des. 2016 14:51

The location for the final exam has been changed to the large study hall at the Physics building (Store fysiske lesesal, Fysikkbygningen). The time is still the same, 14. December at 15:00 (for 4 hours).

Please check this link for updated info regarding the exam.


7. des. 2016 11:02

... and all 10 submissions have been approved. Congratulations! You can pick up your assignment with comments at the 7th floor of the Niels Henrik Abel building from Monday afternoon.

IMPORTANT: Please check to make sure that both of your mandatory assignments have been approved. This is a prerequisite for taking the final exam.

11. nov. 2016 13:10