Semesterside for STK3405 - Høst 2018

... can be found here. They will be solved in the lectures next week, so it is a good idea to look at them beforehand.

Other old(er) exams can be found here. Note that the curriculum has changed a lot the past few years. Therefore, some of the old exercises may not be as relevant today. Also, parts of the current curriculum are not covered by the old exercises. 

14. nov. 2018 15:47

Unfortunately the lecture Wednesday November 7th is cancelled. Please see the schedule page for further information about the changes in the remaining lectures.

5. nov. 2018 22:20

... at today's lecture can be downloaded here.

1. nov. 2018 15:34

... is available in Norwegian and English. You have two weeks to complete the assignment, and you hand it in via Devilry.

The deadline is Thursday November 8th at 14.30.

Good luck!

25. okt. 2018 10:24