Important: exam

These are the final messages regarding the exam:

- To get a full score on a sub problem, it is not enough to have the correct solution. There must also be an explanation in words of how you obtained the solution, i.e. which method you have used, assumptions you have made, and so on.

- Remember that it is impossible to get a negative score. If you are not able to solve one of the sub problems, but you have some intuition about it or have something relevant to say about it, you risk absolutely nothing by writing it down, and you may collect a point or two.

- Sketches of programs can be written either in pseudo code (as in the book) or in R-commands.

- You don't have to remeber all formulas that we have gone through during the course. The earlier exam sets will give you a good indication of which you are expected to know, and which are provided in the exam set.

- I will unfortunately not be able to make the round on the day of the exam. But don't worry, my replacement is Professor Bølviken who wrote the book used in the course and has taught the course many times. He will answer your questions just as well as I would have.

- Good luck, everyone!

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