Semesterside for STK4060 - Vår 2010

Thank you for your achievements both in the project and at the final exam. Nobody failed at the exam, and there were 5 A's, which is a good result. Here is a solution (in Norwegian) for the written exam.

21. juni 2010 11:07

All students should now be able to find their candidate number in the StudentWeb.

12. mai 2010 10:15

NB!!! In the STK4060 project; Assignment no. 1, correct d) to:

d) For the models chosen, discuss in principle how you can calculate the one-steps-ahead predictions and the standardized innovations. Discuss relevant diagnostics.

(Remark: The calculations are described in the book, slightly outside the curriculum, but do not seem to have been implemented in R. It is enough to refer to the relevant passages in the book, you don't have to write down everything which is written there.)

11. mai 2010 11:01