exercises for Mon Nov 9

We have communicated a bit via "hjelpetråder", mail threads, on both practical matters, material, and exercises.

Exam project: from t_0 = Dec 8 to t_1 = Dec 18; more information later.

Lars Olsen gives his presentation of the Cunen and Hjort (2020) paper, on II-CC-FF (see FocuStat page), on Mon Nov 23. We make it "open".

Exercises, recently: CLP 7.1, 7.2, 7.9, a few others "on the spot".

I'm placing com50b (on optimal CD for a, with competitors, with gamma(a,b) data, low sample size) and com53a (on optimal CD for mu / sigma^2, with competitors, with normal data, low sample size), on the course website.

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