exercises for Mon Oct 19

1. On Mon Oct 12 we went through several exercises, including the Watership Down exercise to estimation the fraction of biological invaders in a population, based on the trinomial counting (X, Y, Z) of aa, aA, AA. We also discussed the main themes of Ch 5. Next week we round off Ch 5, with emphasis on the "supertheorem" about the very best CD, under exponential-type model conditions.

2. There will with high probability *not* be a firetimers skoleeksamen this semester, due to K-19. Nils checks this week whether we're free to go as planned, with a "Nils Project Exam", in that case with time window [t_0, t_1], with t_0 = Mon Dec 7, t_1 = Fri Dec 18.

3, Mon Oct 19 we round off Ch 5. Ch 6 is *not* curriculum material, so after Ch 5 we do half of Ch 7.

4. Exercises for Mon Oct 19:

(1) Four-hour Exam 2016, Exercise 2.

(2) Make an R script for our Watership Down rabbits, where the start population is in HW balance with (p_0, q_0) = (0.25, 0.75) and the invaders in HW balance with (p, q) = (0.40, 0.60). Sample a trinomial (X, Y, Z) from (n, prob1, prob2, prob3), with these probabilities takingthe form (1-\lambda) HW_0 + \lambda HW. Estimate \lambda, with a \cc, for the case of (p, q) known, and then for the case of (p, q) being unknown. Check with n = 10^3, 10^4, and with (p, q) being close or far from (p_0, q_0).

(3) CLP Exercise 5.8. 

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