last lecture on Mon May 30 (but no lecture on Mon May 23)

We have covered a decent amount of themes and topics during the course. Our last teaching encounter takes place Mon May 30, where I will (1) put up the essential CDs for the simplest of meta-analysis setups, from Ch 13, and (2) look back at the more important issues of the course. My presence is required at some Abel festivities with Sir Andrew on Mon May 23, so there's no teaching then (I'll also notify some of you by ordinary mail about this).

Please contact me if there are particular themes or issues or details (theoretical or "practical") you might wish to have discussed when we meet on May 30.

As previously agreed, the *exam project exercise set* will be made available at this course site on Wed June 1, with reports to be delivered, in duplicate, by Mon June 13. The four-hour written exam is on Thu Jun 16.

Published May 20, 2016 6:46 PM