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The course aims to give you basic knowledge and skills in how to prevent and limit a potential fire. By the end of the course you know the safest possible response in the event of fire/fire emergency and to feel safe in the workplace.

Learning outcome

After completing the course you should have knowledge of:

  • UiOs fire prevention and protection policy and objectives
  • The major cause of fire hazards
  • Technical fire preventive measures and equipment
  • Organizational fire preventive measures and routines
  • Proper response in the event of fire
  • Practical training in use of fire extinguishers with various media

Admission to the course

The course is compulsory for:


The course is taught as a two hour block at the beginning of each semester. Participation is compulsory to pass the course.

If you have been assigned a group with a time that does not suit you, you can change to another group with an available place in StudentWeb.


To pass this course you will need to have approved attendance. You are responsible for registering your attendance.

If HMS0507 is a degree requirement or a formal prerequisite for any of the courses in your degree, you will not get your degree approved until you have passed the course.

Grading scale

Grades are awarded on a pass/fail scale. Read more about the grading system.

Special examination arrangements, use of sources, explanations and appeals

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Facts about this course

Spring and autumn

Vår og høst.

Spring and autumn
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  • English
  • Norwegian