Course presentation

Credits: 5 ECTS

Duration: Varies

Content:  21 full working days in a given institution (normally 3 days a week, for 7 weeks).

Assessment/grading: Student presentation with discussion of a chosen case based on the internship experiences. The presentation will be graded on a pass/failed scale.

Instructor: Irma Katharina Moe Fosse

HMAN4230 is offered by the Department of Health Management and Health Economics to students in the two master programs 'Health Economics, Policy, and Management,' and 'European Master in Health Economics and Management' and will therefore be taught in English. T

he course is an elective course available for students in their second or third semester, or who have achieved at least 30 ECTS at the master's program. Part time students must have achieved at least 30 ECTS and the course HMAN4230 requires that the student is capable to follow the internship on a full time basis in the course period.

The Department will emphasize to invite host institutions that can accept English  speaking students. However, the internships are by and large available in Norwegian institutions with possible requirements to language skills. Only institutions who agree to receive English speaking students will do so. The Department of Health Management and Health Economics can therefore not guarantee enough internship positions for international students.



HMAN4230 – Internship is designed to allow the student to participate in an institution’s daily activities. The course aims at introducing the student to a practical understanding of the theory and methodology that previous education has applied him/her with. The core of the course is to prepare the student for the transmission from theory to practice. Furthermore, through the internship the student will be introduced to the social aspects and expectations of practical work in a health care sector institution.

The internship course is also intended to provide an opportunity for the student to introduce and market themselves to possible future employers.



The duration of the internship is set to 21 working days (normally 3 days a week for 7 weeks) in a given institution. Within these 7 weeks, the student is expected to work 3 days a week within the normal working hours (usually 08.00 – 16.00).

The host institution shall provide the student with relevant tasks that is to be performed during the internship. The assignments given to the student should be professionally formed, but possible to solve with the student’s level of knowledge. At the host institution, the student shall be assigned a contact person who will act as an advisor. The contact person is responsible for the day-to-day follow-up of the student, and for providing the student with work assignments.

Towards the end of the semester there will be arranged 1-2 exam seminars (depending on the number of students enrolled in the course). All students attending HMAN4230 - Internship must give a presentation (20 minutes) at the seminar in order to pass the course. Here the students are to present a case based on the internship experiences which is to be discussed at the seminar. The presentation is expected to be of a professional character, i.e. with the use of PowerPoint or similar. The presentation will be evaluated on a pass/fail scale.

To pass the course, the student must have attended 21 days at the host institution and passed the oral presentation at the seminar.


Assignment of host institution

A list of available internships will be presented to the students in reasonable time before the course start. The students will send their applications (CV and a short cover letter) directly to the institutions they are interested in doing a placement with., and the host institutions will in turn be responsible for selection. 

The host institution may demand an interview with the student in advance of an agreement, to ensure that the student fulfils the institution’s requirements and attitudes towards the tasks they offer. If the student does not fulfil these requirements, the institution has the right to refuse to accept the student.

It is also possible for the students to arrange for an internship by themselves. Due to a limited number of placements organised by various institutions at the invitation of the Department of Health Management and Health Economics, the students are encouraged to search for internship positions independently. In such cases, the student is advised to inform the course instructor in advance, so that the institution and the nature of the planned work is approved, and formal contact between the course instructor and the institution can be established.

For more formalities concerning the internship, see the internship regulations.

For more formalities concerning the internship, see the internship regulations

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