This course is discontinued

Semester page for HME4208 - Spring 2008

Time and place for lectures:

Tuesday the 13th of May: 9.15-12

Wednesday the 14th of May: 9.15-12

Thursday the 15th of May: 9.15-12

Tuesday the 20th of May: 9.15-12

Wednesday the 21st of May: 9.15-12

Thursday the 22nd of May: 9.15-12

Place: Lecture room on the ground floor in Forskningsveien 2B.

Exam: Monday the 9th of June



Daniels, N. (2007): Just Health. Meeting Health Needs Fairly. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press. Excerpts.

In compendium:

Beauchamp, T.L. and J. Childress (2001): Principles of Biomedical Ethics. Oxford, Oxford University Press. Ch.1-3, 6. (s.1-103 og 225-272).

Brock, D. (2004): Ethical Issues in the Use of Cost Effectiveness Analysis for the Prioritisation of Health Care Res...

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