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Syllabus/achievement requirements

## Master students only

Epidemiological methods

Beaglehole, R. et al. 2006. Basic Epidemiology. World Health Organization, Geneva. (Begrenset med eksemplarer i Akademika, men finnes også på nett

Description of health and risk in epidemiological studies

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Health systems

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Clinical iceberg and natural history of diseases

Last JM : The iceberg: 'Completing the clinical picture in general, 1963. The Lacncet 6 July, 28-31.

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Rose G. Sick individuals and sick populations. Int. J. Epidemiol. (1985) 14 (1): 32-38.

Topics discussed during lectures or seminars are considred as parts of the syllabus, and can be tested on the qualification test and/or the exam. The same applies to notes made available on Fronter.

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