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Teaching plan

DateTeacherPlaceTopicLecture notes / comments
22.01.2007Jan Abel Olsen  Forskningsveien 2B, 10.15-15.00   Introduction. Health policy objectives. Normative and positive issues. Overview of the methodologies; CBA vs CEA/CUA. Economic evaluation methodologies as tools for aiding priority setting; guidelines.  Readings;

Drum.: Ch 2

D&O: Ch 7


26.01.2007Eline Aas  Seminarrom 1 Harald Schjelderups hus 09:15 -14:00  Efficiency; markets and market failures   Readings;

Folland et al.: Ch 17

Stiglitz and Walsh

D&O: Ch 2, 4.1 

05.02.2007Eline Aas  Seminarrom 1 Harald Schjelderups hus 08:15 -12:00  Private vs social costs, opportunity costs, production gains and losses  Readings;

Drum.: Ch 4

D&O: Ch 7.4

Olsen JA, Richardson J. Production gains from health care: What should be included in cost-effectiveness analyses? Social Science and Medicine, 1999; 49: 17-26. 

09.02.2007Jan Abel Olsen  Seminarrom 1 Harald Schjelderups hus, 09.15-14.00   CBA – valuing benefits/outcomes in money terms; WTP. Theoretical framework, methodological challenges, and some empirical lessons.  Readings;

Drum.: Ch 7

D&O: Ch 7.2

Olsen JA, Donaldson C, Pereira J. The insensitivity of ‘willingness-to-pay’ to the size of the good: new evidence for health care, Journal of Economic Psychology, 2004; 25: 445-460.


12.02.2007Jan Abel Olsen  Seminarrom 1 Harald Schjelderups hus 08:15 -12:00  CEA/CUA – valuing benefits/outcomes in health terms. Disease specific vs generic outcome units. Measuring health, QALYs  Readings;

Drum.: Ch 5,6

D&O: Ch 7.3

Lloyd, A. J., 2003. Threats to the estimation of benefit: are preference elicitation methods accurate? Health Economics 12, 393-402 

16.02.2007Ivar S. Kristiansen  Seminarrom 1 Harald Schjelderups hus 09:15 -14:00  Applied CEA. Translating end-points used in clinical trials to CEA/CUA type units   Readings;

Drummond chapters 5+6+8

Hunink Ch. 1-4 & 8+9 

26.02.2007Ivar S. Kristiansen  Seminarrom 1 Harald Schjelderups hus 08:15 -12:00  Modelling. From risk-reductions to increased life-time and/or improved health status  Readings;

Drummond chapter 9

Hunink chapter 9-11

Two papers by Kristiansen and Gyrd-Hansen (2004, 2006) 

02.03.2007Ivar S. Kristiansen  PC room 2nd floor Domus Medica 09:15 -14:00  Modelling II: computer exercise  Readings;

Same as two previous sessions + Treeage Manual ch 1+2+5 

05.03.2007Eline Aas  Seminarrom 1 Harald Schjelderups hus 08:15 -12:00  ICER, Sensitivity analyses, deterministic and probabilistic.  Readings;

Drum.: Ch 8 

09.03.2007Jan Abel Olsen  Seminarrom 1 Harald Schjelderups hus, 10.15-15.00   Equity; fair distributions. Controversial parameters e.g. discounting. Beyond costs and benefits. ‘Consistent resource allocation’. Threshold values: Monetary value of a QALY: the pros and cons  Readings;

D&O: Ch 3, 4.6, 8

Dolan P, Olsen JA. Equity in health: the importance of different health streams, Journal of Health Economics, 2001; 20: 823-834


19.04.2007  To be announced  Written Exam  Written Exam 
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