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Internett Articles

Kristiansen, Ivar Sønbø & Dorte Gyrd-Hansen: Communicating treatment effectiveness in the context of chronic disease processes. , 2006. The article is found in Classfronter in the folder "articles". .

Kristiansen, I. S., Gyrd-Hansen, D.: Cost-effectiveness analysis based on the number-neded-to-treat: common sense or no sense?, 2004. Health Economics 13, 9-19.

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Recommended reading

Dolan P, Olsen JA: Equity in health: the importance of different health streams, Journal of Health Economics, 2001. 20: 823-834. .

Richard H. Chapman, Marc Berger, Milton C. Weinstein, Jane C. Weeks, Sue Goldie, Peter J. Neumann. When does quality-adjusting life-years matter in cost-effectiveness analysis? Health Economics (p 429-436) May 2004

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