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  1. Participation the first day is mandatory. Note that the course start 8.30 day 1. Attendance will be registered both in the morning and the afternoon session.
  2. If you are not able to attend the first day, notify us at and you will be signed up for day 1 next semester.
  3. Note that MF9010E intro I will be registered as passed when the home exam is passed and attendance the first day is registered.
  4. Supervisors should also attend the first day one time during a 3 year period. If your supervisor has attended this seminar earlier, he or she does not need to attend again.
  5. If your supervisor has not attended day 1 earlier, you can sign up your supervisor here: Registration spring 2019.
  6. Candidate and supervisor do not have to attend at the same date. The candidate will pass intro I even if...
5. mars 2019 14:33