* = the article is in a compendium

The main book of the course is:

Dicken, P. (2003). Global Shift. Reshaping the global economic map in the 21st century. Sage Publications, London

Except from chapter 17, the whole book is course required reading. 570 pages.

In addition there is a compendium of articles in which industrial and regional development in Europe is seen in the light of economic globalization and Global Shift.

Articles in the compendium:

*Eich-Born, M. & R. Hassink (2005): "On the battle between shipbuilding regions in Germany and South Korea." Environment and Planning A 37, 635-656.

*Martin, R. (2001): "EMU versus the regions? Regional convergence and divergence in Euroland." Journal of Economic Geography, vol. 1, 51-80.

*Krätke, S. (2002): "The Regional impact of EU Eastern enlargement: A view from Germany." European Planning Studies, vol. 10, 651-664.

*Pavlinek, P. (2002): "Transformation of the Central and east European passenger car industry: selective peripheral integration through foreign direct investment." Environment and Planning A, vol. 34, 1685-1709.

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