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20.01.2006Robert Hassink  Lecture  Introduction  Ch. 1 (Dicken 2003) 
24.01.2006Anders Underthun  Seminar 1  Introduction   
24.01.2006Anders Underthun  Seminar 2  Introduction   
26.01.2006Anders Underthun  Seminar 3  Introduction   
26.01.2006Anders Underthun  Seminar 4  Introduction   
27.01.2006Robert Hassink  Lecture  The changing global economic map  Ch.2&3 (Dicken 2003) 
03.02.2006Robert Hassink  Lecture  Technology  Ch.4 (Dicken 2003) 
10.02.2006  No Lecture     
14.02.2006Anders Underthun  Seminar 1  Writing the semester paper/choosing topic   
14.02.2006Anders Underthun  Seminar 2  Writing the semester paper/choosing topic   
16.02.2006Anders Underthun  Seminar 3  Writing the semester paper/choosing topic   
16.02.2006Anders Underthun  Seminar 4  Writing the semester paper/choosing topic   
17.02.2006Robert Hassink  Lecture  The state  Ch. 5&6 (Dicken 2003) 
24.02.2006  No lecture     
03.03.2006Robert Hassink  Lecture  Transnational Corporations  Ch.7-9 (Dicken 2003) 
07.03.2005Anders Underthun  Seminar 1  Presentations    
07.03.2006Anders Underthun  Seminar 2  Presentations   
09.03.2006Anders Underthun  Seminar 3  Presentations   
09.03.2006Anders Underthun  Seminar 4  Presentations   
10.03.2006Robert Hassink  Lecture   The EU  Martin (2001), Krätke (2002) 
17.03.2006Robert Hassink  Lecture  Case study: The textile industry  Ch.10 (Dicken 2003) 
21.03.2006Anders Underthun  Seminar 1  Presentations   
21.03.2006Anders Underthun  Seminar 2  Presentations   
23.03.2006Anders Underthun  Seminar 3  Presentations   
23.03.2006Anders Underthun  Seminar 4  Presentations   
24.03.2006Robert Hassink  Lecture  Case study: The shipbuilding industry  Eich-Born & Hassink 2005 
31.03.2006Robert Hassink  Lecture  Case study: The car industry  Ch.11 (Dicken 2003), Pavlinek (2002) 
04.04.2006Anders Underthun  Seminar 1  Presentations   
04.04.2006Anders Underthun  Seminar 2  Presentations   
06.04.2006Anders Underthun  Seminar 3  Presentations   
06.04.2006Anders Underthun  Seminar 4  Presentations   
07.04.2006Robert Hassink  Lecture  Winners and losers  Ch.15,16,17 (Dicken 2003) 
18.04.2006Anders Underthun  Office 308, Harriet Holters Hus  Individual tutorials  The entire week will be used for tutorials. A list will be posted outside office 308, HH about two weeks before the Easter holidays. The tutorials require a draft paper to be handed in before friday the 7th of April.  
05.05.2006  Deadline  Semester paper   
16.05.2006  Final exam  Final exam   
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