* = the article is in a compendium

The main book of the course is:

Dicken, P. (2007). Global Shift: mapping the changing contours of the world economy . Sage Publications, London. Fifth edition. Except from chapter 17, the whole book is course required reading. 570 pages.

In addition there is a compendium of articles (71 pages) in which industrial and regional development in Europe is seen in the light of economic globalization and Global Shift.

Articles in the compendium:

*Eich-Born, M. & R. Hassink (2005): "On the battle between shipbuilding regions in Germany and South Korea." Environment and Planning A 37, 635-656.

*Hess and Wai-Chung Yeung (2006) "Guest editorial". Environment and planning A, 38, 1193-1204.

*Jakobsen, Stig-Erik, Rusten, Grete & Fløysand, Arnt (2005) "How green is the valley? Foreign direct investment in two Norwegian industrial towns". Canadian Geographer / Le Géographe canadien 49 (3), 244-259.

*Martin, R. 2004: "Editorial: Geography: Making a difference in a globalizing world", Transactions of The Institute of British Geographers. NS 29, 147-150.

*Pavlinek, P. (2002): "Transformation of the Central and east European passenger car industry: selective peripheral integration through foreign direct investment." Environment and Planning A, vol. 34, 1685-1709.

In total 641 pages.

The compendium will be available at Kopiutsalget at the bookstore Gnist Akademika at Blindern. Please bring your student card.

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