Examination: Time and place

Deadline for withdrawing from the exam

November 23


Collective grade: Assignment and written examination.

Comment: The examination is conducted in the digital examination system Inspera.

Announcement of examination results: January 5


Disclosure of exam assignment: October 25 at 5:00 PM

Submission deadline: November 1 at 2:00 PM

Examination system:

Inspera – see guides for digital exams

Comment: NB! The assignment must be uploaded to Inspera in PDF-format. Assignments that are uploaded in Word-format are not visible to the members of the assessment committee.

Written examination

Time: December 7 at 2:30 PM (4 hours).

Attendance: Meet 30 minutes before the examination starts.


You must check Studentweb where to show up since there are several examination rooms.

Examination system:

Inspera – see guides for digital exams

Examination results

You will find your examination results by logging on to Studentweb.

More about the examination

You will find more information about examination related to this course in the course description.

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