Guidelines for the term paper in the specialization courses at the 4000 level

The following applies to the term paper in the topical specialization courses at the 4000-level in the master's programme in sociology:

Two copies of the paper must be submitted to the department within the stipulated deadlines. Keep an eye on the message field for the course for further information about where the paper should be submitted. For courses that have a syllabus selected by the student, a list of the syllabus selected by student must be submitted with the paper. Remember that the reading list must be signed by the person with course responsibility within the deadline they have stipulated. The reading list must also include the candidate number (not the name).

The candidate number can be obtained from Studentweb, but is also distributed when the paper is submitted.

The course assignment and written examination are both assessed on an A-F scale and are weighted so that the written examination counts for 60% and the course assignment counts for 40% of the grade. Students must pass both the course assignment and the written examination.

The topic of the paper must be selected from within the area covered by the course specialization. The topic must be approved by the person with course responsibility. It is recommended that the paper is largely based on the syllabus, but this is not a requirement.

One hour of individual academic supervision is provided. This hour must also cover the time the teacher spends on preparation/follow-up. The teacher can also facilitate a discussion of topic ideas and paper drafts during the seminar. The teacher organises the approval and topic proposals for the assignment.

Practical information about the assignment:

  • The paper must be about 4,000 words (+/- 400 words). (Estimate about 400 words per page.)
  • Use 12 point font and a 1.5 line spacing.
  • There must be an approximately 10-line summary at the beginning of the paper
  • Include page numbers
  • The list of references must conclude with the sentence: "All sources that have been used in this paper have been listed". - With this sentence you confirm that you have listed all the literature, you have used in your term paper, in the list of references.
  • For guidelines about the use of sources, see: "A bit about writing papers" (Norwegian only)
  • A mandatory declaration must be submitted with the paper
  • The front page of the paper must include the following information:
    1. The title of the paper
    2. The name of the course and the person with course responsibility
    3. Date and place of submission
    4. Candidate number (the same as for the written examination)
    5. The number of words in the paper (front page, summary, references and any appendixes do not count towards the word count)
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