How to find an article on the reading list

References in the reading list

There are various ways to write a list of references. Learn more about Citations and use of Sources at the Faculty of Social Sciences . Journals, Academic newsletters, magazines and the like are referenced in the following manner, and that's how they usually are listed in the reading list:

Layout: Author, A. A., Author, B. B. & Author, C.C. (year) Title of article. Title of journal, volume no. xxx-xxx.

Example: Howell, S. (2001). Fieldwork in our own backyard. Some reflections on recent trends in Norwegian anthropology. Norsk antropologisk tidsskrift, 12 (1-2), 16-24.

Searching for an article

We are looking for the following article: Huntington, Samuel (1993). ”The Clash of Civilizations?”. Foreign Affairs, 72(3): 22-49. (27 s.)

Search for the journal in the University Library database for journals:

In many cases, you can enter the entire reference and go straight to the article. Other times you will have to search for the journal, and then find the right edition and article. Enter journal in the search field and press "Search Oria." You can also choose "E-journals" and search there.

Note that there may be many similar titles, so be careful to find the right journal. You can also search for article title, or author's name, but you risk getting very many hits on other articles.



 Select Journal from the menu:



Select "Full Text" and find a source that has access from the right the year. In this case, the access back to 1922, while the journal we are looking for from 1993.



Scroll down to the correct volume and year. In this case, volume 72 from 1993.



By reference, we see that it is volume 72 of the journal Foreign Affairs we are looking for from 1993. The brackets behind 72 points to the edition of the volume it is. In this case edition 3. If there are several editions of the same volume, you can also orient yourself by page number of the article listed in the reference on the reading list.



Click on the text and presto you're in the article. Choose pdf icon to download article as pdf or to print it. Good reading!

You think this was cumbersome? Make it a couple more times and you have learned it. Try also to search directly on the title. In many cases it will lead you directly to the article you are looking for.



Other useful resources

• University Library Human geography - Information resources. Here is information databases, e-books, news archive and other resources collected.

Courses in search databases for both undergraduate and graduate students held by the University Library. Watch the website Courses for study programs and courses at SV.

• Do you have questions related to finding literature and using the library? Consult Reference Services at the Humanities and Social Sciences Library. They are happy to help.

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