Syllabus/achievement requirements

Reading list (updated January 4, 2010)

There may be some minor changes; the final list will be on the web by the beginning of the term.

Perman, R., Y.Ma, J.McGilvray and M.Common: Natural Resource and Environmental Economics, 2003. Harlow. ISBN: 0-273-65559-0. Selected Chapters.

Heyes, Anthony G.: Making Things Stick: Enforcement and Compliance., 1998. Oxford Review of Economic Policy 14 (4), p. 50-63. link.

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Bovenberg, A. Lans : Green Tax Reform and the Double Dividend: an Updated Readers Guide, 1999. International Tax and Public Finance 6. 421-443. link.

Hoel, M.: Environmental taxes in an economy with distorting taxes and distributional concerns, Memorandum No. 04/2008, 2008. Department of Economics, University of Oslo. 1, 2, 3 (to 3.2) and Appendix B. link.

Dasgupta, P.: Discounting Climate change, Journal of Risk and Uncertainty 37. 141-169, Sections 1-3. link.

The Stern Review, Executive Summary, link.

M. Hoel: "Global Warming and other Transboundary Environmental Problems" in Bjerkholt, O. and Ping, X. (eds): Frontier Environmental Issues, 2005. Fudanpress. link.

M.Hoel et al: Climate policy - costs and design, TemaNord 2009:550. Sections 2.1-2.4 (and Appendix), 3.1, 3.2, . link.

M. Hoel: Environmental R&D, 2010. Department of Economics, University of Oslo. link.

Supplementary reading

Laffont, J.-J. and Tirole, J.: : Pollution Permits and Compliance Strategies, Journal of Public Economics 62. 85-125. Sections 1-3 and 5. link.

Barrett, S.: Climate treaties and "breakthrough" technologies, 2006. American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings, 96 (2), p.22-5. link.

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Martin Weitzman: The Stern Review of the Economics of Climate Change, 2007. link.

Lyon, T. P. and J. W. Maxwell : Corporate Social Responsibility and the Environment: A Theoretical Perspective, 2008. Review of Environmental Economics and Policy 2(2), 240-260. link.

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